A moment of context regarding people who make an artificial separation between “real life” and “online”

Since apparently my blog is so awesome some people feel compelled to blog about my blog, I’m going to get a bit more meta about this and demonstrate many people’s lack of understanding of this concept, as illustrated by this handy dandy chart:


A few days ago I made a post about creating safer spaces in your life by being vocal about harmful or abusive behavior in your communities and social circles.

An entertainingly inept redditor posted this to a subreddit dedicated to making fun of tumblr blogs, claiming that I maintain a “circlekerk” (which I now do thanks to them!), which allows me to discriminate against cishetero white male gamers at my game shop.

But one of my very most favorite and best comments were from this user:


[Actually if they go off on one that often in a game shop (not sure if this is a tabletop/paper roleplaying shop or just a computer game store) I am surprised they have not had their ass banned.]

PLOT TWIST: My gaming shop has clearly posted Store Policies on every wall in the event Area which includes harassing or discriminatory language and behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Many parents bring their children to Events at this shop, and it a lot of ways it functions as a kind of community center for many of the store’s patrons. Teens come there after school for gaming, talking, trading collectibles and gaming supplies, or just to do their homework. There is free (if crappy) WiFi, an entire wall lined with shelves full of literally hundreds of tabletop games free to play for anyone with a mind to.

At a recent Magic: The Gathering Tournament I played in, a special table was set up for one of the participants so he could continue to watch and interact with his two small sons while he played; later his wife joined them to discuss some family arrangements and help with the kids. I kept an eye on the kids as they waited politely in line to use the restroom.

Gay, transgender, disabled and neurodivergent people not only come there, they also work there. Most of the people of color and women who game in the area prefer this shop, since it the only local shop where racist or misogynist harassment and slurs will get you banned. Many of my fellow gamers go the the college I work at; I’ve been able to direct some students with disabilities to my office to arrange for accommodations they weren’t even aware they needed.

The redditor who is oh-so-surprised that I have not “had [my] ass banned” from my gaming shop would apparently be extremely surprised to find out that they would be much more likely to be banned from my “circlekerk” than the other way around.

My “circlekerk” is a safe[er] space and your problematic bullshit will be called out or met with disapproval from the staff and hundreds of patrons. Just ask Misogynist Guy.